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BJF - filmfestivals4u

filmfestivals4u – your submission portal



u Why is complete information important?

Please make sure that you enter the correct spelling and completeness of the data in order to avoid unnecessary demands on us and the participating festivals. After all, your information will not only be used for film submission, but may also be used for festival programs and press work.


u Who gets my data

Only the festival of your choice!

A festival can only access the submissions for that particular festival. It does NOT get access to your other data (more movies, submissions to other festival, changed master data, ...)


u I turned 27. Can I still submit?

filmfestivals4u.net is a platform for upcoming film festivals. The age regulations are given by the film festivals themselves.

Take a look at the terms of submission of the respective festival you would like to submit your film to.


u Do I have to print the accompanying sheet of submission?

If you have made an online submission, a print is not necessary.

For a postal order, this is necessary because you have to send the accompanying sheet of submission with the film to the respective festival.

Please do not print the (completed) form itself, but send it first by clicking the button! Thereafter, the accompanying sheet is provided for printing.


u How do I know if the festival got my film / if it chose my film?

In both cases, you get a notification mail.


u Why do I need to write a program text? What should be in it?

If your film is chosen by a festival, it needs a text for their festival program. A short paragraph that roughly explains the plot of your film should be enough.


u What do I have to consider when I register for the first time?

If you want to submit a film for the first time via filmfestivals4u, please note the following:

- First enter your master data. You only have to create them once; they are then valid for all your films.

- Afterwards you can create a film data record (details like title, director, length, program text, etc.) on "My Films" and upload material for the film.

- Under "My submissions" you can then send the film data records you have created to the film festivals you are interested in. Always pay attention to the festival-regulations.