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BJF - filmfestivals4u

filmfestivals4u – The festival submission portal for young filmmakers


Information for Filmmakers

This offer is for young filmmakers of up to 27 years of age who still do not produce commercial films.

Young filmmakers are able to submit their films online under filmfestivals4u.net, a festival submission portal, thus registering for several festivals at the same time, including the Werkstatt der Jungen Filmszene (Workshop for Young Filmmakers), of course. As soon as the print-out has been signed and sent, together with a copy, to the festival (or the notification for downloading the film) the data will be imported from the internet into the working routine of the respective festival. This means: no more annoying handwritten form completion and no more time-consuming data collection on festival pages.

In practice the filmmaker registers under filmfestivals4u.net, with user name and password, he/she will then automatically get to the entry mask where he/she enters all relevant data on his/her person and the respective film. The data base compares data, such as age, length of film, country of origin and others with the data of existing festivals in the portal, showing the filmmaker a list of festivals which are currently ready for submissions. Form this list he/she can choose the festival the film shall be submitted to. For further festival submissions, just register again in the portal and print out the submission form from the data base for additional mailings.