up-and-coming Intern. Film Festival Hannover

Application for international films from all countries except Germany

up-and-coming Int. Film Festival Hannover is an international competition for young film makers. It takes place every two years (odd years) in Hannover, targeting young people up to the age of 27. This target group has massive potential for creative talent; talent just waiting to be discovered and cultivated. The u-a-c festival initiates support for these young ambitious artists while they are still in this highly motivated and enthusiastic age group. Deadline: 30.August 2017.

The festival intends to present works which are imaginative, unusual, humorous, provocative and unconventional. We also welcome the results of first-time work in these media. The selection criteria do not emphasize technical perfection but originality, autonomy of the concept and how the concept has been translated into film. A preview copy must be submitted to be received in Hannover no later than 30. August 2017.


Email: info@up-and-coming.de


Open to submit a Film:   01.03.2017 - 31.08.2017

Date of the Festival:   23.11.2017 - 26.11.2017

Location of the event:   Hannover, Germany, Niedersachsen

Area of proposals:   international,

Age restriction of filmmakers:   ab 7 years bis 27 years (inclusive)

Max. number of films per film crew:   0

Permitted formats:   Film, Video

Year of completion not before   01.01.2016

Other restrictions:   Deadline: 30.August 2017

Preview copies sending in the following formats:   MP4 file on DVD or as a Web-Link to download ( file max. 500 MB; s.a. Vimeo, with password - please send link by eMail to: info@up-and-coming.de)

Submission also via download:   yes