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Deutscher Generationenfilmpreis 2024 - Filmwettbewerb für alle bis 25 und ab 60 Jahre

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(Movie stills, PDF, ZIP - for festival catalog, press etc. (must be available for several months, so do not use we-transfer). The festival is hereby approved for use.)
Further comments
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Residence (for film credits) 
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Annual theme  Yes    No Production for the annual theme: I'M RIGHT THERE WITH YOU. (No = participation in the general competition) 
Project description How did the idea come about? In which context did the film come into being? 
Media biography How long have you been making films? What was the reason for it? What is the significance of filmmaking for you? 
Production team Please list all team members and performers with first and last name, date of birth, profession and function (director, camera, music, etc.). If supported by media educators, please list their exact role in the project. 
male participants  
female participants  
Participants pupils/students  
Participants retired persons/retirees  
Participants up to 14 years  
Participants 15 to 18 years  
Participants 19 to 25 years  
Participants 26 to 59 years  
Participants 60 to 69 years  
Participants 70 to 79 years  
Participants over 80 years  


The preview copy for this festival
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  Just upload the movie in a cloud or something similar (eg G-Drive, SkyDrive, Wuala, Dropbox, Vimeo, ... - please do not use the free version of WeTransfer) and paste sharing link (optionally with password) here.
Please as a file to download, no streaming! Suggested file format: MP4 (H.264, aac, 25 fps, 1000 kBit/s)
IMPORTANT: File must be playable with "VLC media player", without any plugins (features of the juries)!
Please do not change the file after you have submited this form.
Prizes: 8,000 euros, including the Team Award for particularly successful multi-generational projects.
The German Generation Film Award is a film competition for everyone up to 25 and over 60. Unusual stories and intergenerational relationships can be presented here - but also much more!

With this submission I confirm that I have created the contents of my work myself and that I have not violated the rights of third parties. The persons depicted agree to a public screening of my film. I grant the German Children's and Youth Film Center (KJF) permission to copy the entries for archival purposes and to use them for non-commercial presentations (competition website, temporary streaming offer, scientific evaluation or similar).
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